Parent and Carer Consultation Event Tuesday 29th November

Monday, 14 Nov 2022 1 Minute Read
Parent and Carer Consultation Event Tuesday 29th November

Letter to Parents/Carers 

I would like to invite you to our first parent and carer consultation event of the year on Tuesday 29 November. This consultation event is a great opportunity to come in to the Sixth Form and discuss progress being made, any barriers to learning we have identified, and what support can be put into place both at home and in the Sixth Form. For those learners certificating this year, that is Level 2 and Level 3 Year 2, a predicted grade for your son or daughter will also be discussed.


Appointments will run from 4.30pm through until 7pm and should be made by students directly with their teachers. The appointment slots are only 5 minutes long, so if you need a longer conversation about progress or concerns, it is better to make an appointment directly with the appropriate member of staff outside of the consultation event.


For those students who work with our learning support team, key workers will be available to discuss the support that has been provided and how the interventions that are in place are having an impact on learning. Students may make appointments with their key workers as well as teaching staff. The evening is also an opportunity to meet our academic tutors to discuss overall progress and our Pathways team to talk about next steps, careers and university applications.


A great deal of work is happening to support our students in the run up to the winter assessment window. Our Learning Matters initiative is giving students weekly strategies to develop their study habits and approach to learning, to help them know and remember more.  At the end of each week, we give out free resources to help students put some of these strategies into action. Alongside this, a range of assessment support, revision and catch-up workshops are scheduled for students to take part in. Our final week of term is dedicated to trial assessments, to help our students prepare and feel confident about the assessments and exams which lay ahead.


We also invite you to complete our parent and carer survey. Surveys such as this are very helpful to the Sixth Form in identifying what is working for our learners and what more can be done to support their success. You can access the survey here


We know how crucial support at home is in helping students attend, engage and succeed. We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 29th November.

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