The curriculum at Longley Park Sixth Form has been specifically designed to ensure a motivating learning experience that meets the needs of all students including:

  • the most able
  • students with low prior attainment
  • students from areas of high disadvantage
  • young people for whom English is a second or additional language, including those recently arrived in the UK
  • young people with complex needs, including SEND and personal challenges
  • students previously not in education

with a focus on high expectations for all and a belief that all students will progress and fulfil their potential.  We are ambitious for our students and believe that these ambitions are achievable.

All students follow a Study Programme which includes the main qualification(s), English and Maths as appropriate and Academic Tutorial, including Careers and Employability opportunities, and wider experiences to take learning beyond the classroom.

The Longley Park Sixth Form curriculum must:

  • Provide entry points for all young people progressing from Trust and other partner schools, with programmes at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
  • Raise aspirations and develop students’ belief that they can achieve, leading to excellent retention and progression to the next level of study
  • Improve the English and maths skills of all learners to support their main programmes and progression to further study and employment
  • Develop students as confident and curious learners with increasing levels of independence
  • Allow students to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to succeed in Higher Education and/or employment
  • Provide rich experiences to develop students’ cultural capital
  • Equip students to play a full role as citizens in modern Britain
  • Lead to outstanding progression, including access to the most competitive university courses and career routes
  • Re-engage young people previously not in education and/or at risk of becoming NEET through programmes that develop their skills and confidence, and outstanding support to help them to meet high expectations

Provide entry points for all young people progressing from Trust and other partner schools, with programmes at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

As part of a 0-19 Multi-Academy, it is imperative that our curriculum provides opportunities for all young people to access post-16 provision.

76% of students are enrolled on a Level 3 main programme, 17% on a Level 2 main programme and 7% on Level 1. A high proportion of students study English and/or Maths at a lower level alongside their main programme. 

Level 3 (for students with at least 4 GCSE grades 4+)

At Level 3 the Longley Park Sixth Form curriculum includes a range of A Levels and applied general courses.  Students follow pure A Level, blended A Level and single A Level equivalent, and Diploma courses according to their prior attainment and interest.  66% of students studying Level 3 are enrolled on an applied/technical main programme and 34% on a programme of A Level or mixed A Level and applied courses.   The curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets the needs of students progressing from Level 2, whether internal or external applicants. 

Changes to the structure and content of both Level 2 vocational courses and GCSEs have prompted careful consideration of Level 3 provision to ensure that it is fit for purpose.  In some areas academic and applied general programmes run in parallel, to allow students to access the course that best meets their needs.

The vast majority of students, including many who start the Sixth Form on Level 1 and Level 2 courses, have aspirations to go on to study at university.  Longley Park’s Level 3 curriculum is designed to support students in achieving this goal as well as offering clear routes into apprenticeships and employment.

Units are chosen to maximise students’ success in progression to university or employment.  In Health and Care, Longley Park has worked closely with Sheffield Hallam University to research the progression of students from applied general courses.  In Science, specific units are delivered as a result of research with key universities, leading to a high proportion of Applied Science students progressing to Russell Group universities.  In Art and Media the Sixth form offers UAL courses (University of the Arts London), building relationships with prestigious HE institutions such as St Martins School of Art.

A number of additional courses have been introduced, including applied pathways in Criminology and Psychology.  2 A Level equivalent programmes are also being offered in a number of areas.  This is to provide suitable progression for students who may struggle with a 3 A Level equivalent, especially those who need to achieve both Maths and English at GCSE, and to provide greater flexibility for students who wish to combine applied programmes in related areas such as Criminology and Science.  In 2021 the Sixth form is working with Trust Academies to introduce A Levels in French, Spanish and Performing Arts.

Achieving the threshold qualifications in English and maths is recognised as essential for progression to university, apprenticeships and employment, and the Sixth Form enables all students who have not achieved a grade 4-9 at GCSE to work towards this alongside their Level 3 programme.

Progression to higher education is outstanding, with Longley Park students significantly more likely to gain a place at university than students with similar prior attainment elsewhere. Progression to HE for students on A Level programmes is 18% higher than expectations, and for students on both blended and Applied General programmes it is 25% higher than expectations, and in the top percentile nationally.

Level 2 (for students with at least 2 GCSE grades at 3 or above)

Level 2 courses offer subject choice and focus on  sector-specific skills and knowledge.  Students improve their confidence in academic study as well as engaging in more demanding work-related learning, including work placements and practical assessments such as organising events and fundraising.  Courses include units relating to employment as well as developing the study skills required for progression to Level 3.

All students on Level 2 programmes who have not achieved a grade 4+ in English and/or Maths continue to study these programmes qualifications to support their main programme and progression.

Level 2 pathways:

  • Applied Science (OCR)
  • Business
  • Business Workskills
  • Childcare (CACHE)
  • Fitness and Leadership (CERTA)
  • Health and Social Care
  • IT
  • Visual Arts and Media (UAL)

Qualifications and units are chosen to best meet the needs of students.  In Art and Media the University of the Arts London course has been designed to give students a broad experience of a range of processes and techniques, allowing progression to Level 3 UAL programmes in both Media Studies and Creative Arts.

In Business, a discreet Business Administration programme has been introduced to facilitate progression for students wishing to go on to apprenticeships or employment.

Level 2 Childcare and Health programmes are closely aligned with the Level 3 pathways and include compulsory work placements.

All Level 2 programmes allow for achievement at Level 1 for students struggling to complete at a higher level.

Level 1 (for students with GCSE qualifications at 1 or 2, or no qualifications)

Longley Park Sixth Form offers pathways at Level 1 for students who leave school with few or no qualifications, including a full time ESOL programme for students whose level of English means they would be unable to access other courses.  At the end of the one year ESOL programme young people may progress to another Level 1 course or to a Level 2 programme while continuing to access part time ESOL support.

Level 1 courses have an emphasis on personal development, building confidence in team work and problem-solving and setting the foundations for further study.  Students on Level 1 courses are also introduced to the skills and attributes needed for the workplace.  All students on Level 1 programmes study English and Maths qualifications to support their main programme and progression.

The Level 1 offer has been regularly reviewed to ensure that it meets the needs of learners.  Most recently we introduced a Level 1 Visual Arts and Creative Media course which has been extremely successful, including a pilot for embedding English, with all students successfully completing a Literacy qualification.

Level 1 courses include common workskills units but allow for a degree of specialisation based on student interest and aspiration.  Current pathways are:

  • Health and Childcare
  • Business and IT (vocational pathway)
  • Sport and Personal Development
  • Visual Arts and Creative Media (UAL)

Students moving up to Level 2 are likely to continue in a related subject area but can move across to another programme area if appropriate.

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