Academic Tutorial Programme

Academic Tutorial Programme

Welcome to your Academic tutorial!

This part of your study programme is important because it offers you support to help you develop confidence and many of the wider skills you are going to need in life beyond the Sixth Form.

Getting involved in wider opportunities gives students more options when they leave. Universities and Employers are looking for well-rounded individuals who can engage intellectually across all areas of Society. Therefore, we want to make sure students leave here with those very qualities.

Progression and Careers

Your tutor is going to help you with your applications for University, Apprenticeships and employment.

Through the University UCAS process you are going to get support to help you complete the online application, develop your personal statement and choose your appropriate courses. That can also include university trips.

Tutors will help students developing CVs and writing cover letters when making wider applications. We also have an apprenticeship society. Tutors can offer advice and guidance when looking at alternative routes, such as taking a gap year or travelling the world.

Your tutor can give careers advice, making suggestions as to areas you could research, and referring you for specialist support as appropriate.

Employability Skills and Work Experience

One of the most valuable things you can gain as you approach the world of work is real life experience. Your tutor is going to work alongside your subject teachers to help you to secure workplace visits and encounters with employers.

This might be through employer talks in the Sixth form, over the internet, or even on visits to business premises. Volunteering, Summer work, placements and part time work opportunities are other ways students gain this experience, and we can help you with this too.

Life Skills

We all need wider skills to cope with the world, to help us do our jobs and function in society. Through tutorial you will develop time management, revision, critical thinking, communication, presentation, interview and independent study skills.

We also need to be able to emphasise with, and respect other people around us. The great thing about tutorial is that you have the space to discuss wider issues in relation to areas such as LGBTQ, Patriarchy, Ethnicity and British Values. Equality and Respect are so important in the communities we live in, and these values are therefore important in our own Sixth Form too.

There are opportunities to discover more about looking after yourself in the world, through a consideration of things like wellness, or even things to think about as you contemplate living away from home.

Wider opportunities

Finally, there are so many other opportunities that you can access here to help develop yourself. These include:

  • Join the debating society to develop your argument style and technique, enter competitions and learn how to research, and then structure critical responses
  • Join the Student Council or become a student ambassador so you can get involved in the running of the Sixth Form, working closely with management to improve the student experience
  • Work towards a Duke of Edinburgh Scheme where you will volunteer, develop a skill, complete a fitness challenge, and plan and execute a much-loved overnight trek!
  • Access film screenings and movie challenges as alternative ways to relate to your studies, culture and society
  • Join a book club to develop your appreciation of authors and their writing in preparation for work life and higher education
  • Take part in residential trips to famous cities such as Paris, Berlin, London or New York

Tutorial gives you opportunities to help you stand out in the crowd.

Take them - go for it 😊

Any questions then please contact

Rae Nichols, Assistant Principal Student Engagement & Destinations


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