Equality and Diversity

Longley Park Sixth Form is committed to developing an open and inclusive culture in which all stakeholders – students, staff, governors, parents and the wider community - are able to participate as fully as possible.

Longley Park not only celebrates its diverse community but also recognises that this diversity enables all to develop the qualities and skills for our rapidly changing world.

Our Commitments

We aim to ensure that individuals with a protected characteristic are entitled to the same equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities as the majority population. We strive to ensure that whatever the heritage and origins of members of the Longley Park community, everyone is equally valued and treats one another with respect.

We will work towards the elimination of discrimination whether overt, covert or by omission and we will ensure that individuals and communities have equal access to our learning programmes and facilities.

We are committed to:

  • actively tackling discrimination and promoting disability equality and good relations;
  • encouraging, supporting and helping all students and staff to reach their potential;
  • working with other institutions, local communities and others to tackle discrimination and to encourage and promote good practice in achieving equality;
  • Equality Scheme is implemented and reported on.

We will continue to change in response to the needs and priorities identified by the involvement of disabled people.

For more information regarding our commitment to equality and diversity, please click here to read the Sixth Forms Equality Information and Objectives Statement.

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