1st April 2021 - Message for students from the Principal

Please read for information about assessment plans

Thursday, 01 Apr 2021 1 Minute Read
1st April 2021 - Message for students from the Principal

Hi everyone

As we approach the Easter break, I wanted to thank everyone for working so positively in the Sixth Form.  We have been really impressed with the behaviour and commitment of students adjusting to being back in face to face lessons after the Lockdown.  You are amazing and we are very proud of you!

By now you will have had the assessment plans that set out how your teachers will gather the evidence for grades this year.  We understand that this has been a strange year, with lots of stress for many people.  we want to make the assessments as stress-free as possible while giving you the best opportunity to show what you are capable of.

Across the country students are dealing with the new arrangements for assessment and experiencing a range of emotions.  Professor Kevin Woods and psychologists at Manchester University have published a blog titled: Feeling worried about grades this year is understandable. Here are some things that might help… to reassure students that any anxiety they are experiencing is normal and give some helpful advice.   Just click on the link to read.   I hope that you find it useful.

Best Wishes



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