Art & Design - Visual Arts & Creative Media - UAL Level 2 Diploma - 1 year


  • Course: Art & Design - Visual Arts & Creative Media - UAL Level 2 Diploma - 1 year
  • Qualification Type: GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
  • Qualification Level: Level 2
  • Course type: Full Time
  • Duration: 52 Weeks
  • Entry Requirements:

    At least 2 Grade 3's (D) at GCSE

  • Available Dates: 07/09/2022 to 30/06/2023
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The course covers drawing, film making, graphics, photography and painting and 3D areas such as modelling and ceramics.


This is an exciting course which will allow you to explore a wide range of art, design and media skills. You’ll explore new skills such as animation, drawing and painting, photography, 3D skills, filmmaking and games design. Many assignments are based on real life scenarios and you’ll learn about professional artists, animators and film-makers. You’ll grow in confidence as the course progresses and towards the end of the year, you’ll develop your own work in your own chosen creative pathway.

A number of specifications will be changing and prospectus entries are based on information we have to date. This means that course content may be subject to change.

How will it be delivered?

Portfolio and completion of a final project.  There are no exams.


What can I do next?

Many UAL L2 Art and Media students go on to study UAL L3 Art, Creative Media or Games Design at Longley Park. There is also the potential to study A levels in one or more of the Creative Arts courses.

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