Muneerah's Introduction

Hi, I am Muneerah.

Monday, 04 Apr 2022 1 Minute Read
Muneerah's Introduction

Hi, I am Muneerah, a student here at Longley Park Sixth Form and now elected Youth Councillor for Sheffield! The Election held in the Plaza now means I’m able to voice key issues in our area locally and regionally with Councillors, MP’s and other important decision makers. This being my second time as elected Youth Councillor I have previously done a lot of work around mental health, knife crime and the environment and how this affects young people personally and in education. Any student that was worried about any issues can always come and talk to me.

Being supported by Longley Park has helped me massively. It meant that I could engage with more students over the course of the Election and properly explain Youth Politics. I have been passionate about this for along time and this was also my focus when I attended our Trust school, Hinde House Secondary.

As I am elected it means that we can begin to make our communities more inclusive, safe and diverse. I am extremely invested in ensuring our areas reflect the positives of our incredible young people rather than being perceived in a negative light.

Muneerah is a first year A Level student studying Photography, Politics and Sociology.

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