Student Blog- Youth Parliament for Sheffield.

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Thursday, 19 May 2022 1 Minute Read
Student Blog- Youth Parliament for Sheffield.

Hi Longley! My name is Muneerah Al-Yafai, your representative and member of Youth Parliament for Sheffield. My job is to address issues young people face in our area every day and build agendas and campaigns around those issues.

Currently, I am working closely alongside the council at scrutiny meetings to highlight ways in which young people can succeed in this city. Most councillors I have worked with have assured progression within the Firth Park/Shiregreen and have made plans towards improving our green spaces and tackling anti-social behaviour. I have also joined an exciting new project concerning young people with a SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) background and have begun making pieces of information to inform others about how SEND young people can be affected day-to-day and the ways in which we can begin to ease struggles which our peers and friends face.

As a passionate young politician, I am constantly working on new ways to better my constituent's given issues, and the priorities for Sheffield are...

-Health and Wellbeing

-Votes at 16

- Reforming the curriculum

And the issues I will be targeting for the Northeast of Sheffield are:

-Improving our facilities and amenities for Young People

-Knife Crime and Grooming

-Improving Local Green spaces

As a student at Longley Park, I am always more than happy for other students to ask me questions about what I do as a Member of Parliament, or give suggestions on what they feel is needed within their area. As I have mentioned before I am to be held accountable for what change needs to be done in our local areas, so don’t hesitate to let me know!

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