CEDAR for parents and carers at Longley Park Sixth Form

Information regarding how parents and carers can access our online portal for monitoring your child's attendance, punctuality, progress and other things can be accessed here.

Wednesday, 29 Sep 2021 1 Minute Read

CEDAR at Longley Park Sixth Form 

Now your son or daughter is settling into sixth form life you can create an account on our online portal so you can monitor their attendance, punctuality and progress. 

The information on CEDAR includes:
• Attendance in Sixth Form, both in individual classes and overall
• Current timetable for your son or daughter
• Minimum target grades, grades for assessments and performance Indicators (PIs) and grade predictions at regular points during the year
• 5* rating of engagement in learning
• BTEC tracker if your son or daughter study BTECs
• Commendations, concerns and other pastoral log records
• Examination timetables and results

Please click here for information on how to set up your Cedar account.

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